Wireless Display Solutions

Wireless Display Solution in Pakistan – 4K Wireless Solution

Fast and easy to use, Our Wireless solution promotes collaboration in the workplace at the click of a button Which adopts the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of security to prevent data leakage, which safeguards your privacy. WIDI Share protects your information like no other wireless presentation system. It works independently from your company network. Additionally, all communication is encrypted so that nobody can eavesdrop and illicitly obtain your confidential information. Increase the efficiency of your meetings with our multiple collaboration features. Split screen, touchback, and quick content sharing by up to 16 participants on one screen without any noticeable lag. Even a non-technical person can set up in a matter of minutes. Using is as easy as one click. Get more done without troubleshooting and calling IT.

Wireless Display Solution
4k Wireless Display solutions

What is BYOM (Bring your own meeting)? In today’s workplaces, many people tend to bring their own device to the office. As a natural extension of BYOD, BYOM allows you to connect wirelessly to the meeting room screen with your own device, and start the video conference using your preferred UC platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex).

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